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Top Five Bottling Distributor


Bottling and distribution from 147 locations to thousands of retail Customers nationwide, which include: grocery chains, convenient stores, gas stations, drug store chains, Liquor Stores and many small independent “Mom and Pop” stores in rural areas.


Approximately 500 business checks per month were returned NSF from Company Banks to some of the distributor locations and the rest directly to the headquarters of the Company. In-house collection efforts of these NSF checks were sometimes done by telephone, which created embarrassment and discontent with some Customers. The Company was spending too much time and money on the collection of its own receivables. Truck drivers were asked to collect checks causing other problems, including lost checks, and forgetting to get replacement payments.

Cost of the problem:

1.Company had been paying approximately $2,000 per month in excess Bank return check fees. This Bank expense was for NSF and failed second deposits at the Banks where the first deposits had originally failed and then failed a second time. Annual cost approximately $24,000.

2. Each location handled some of their own collections of the bad checks by the accounting staff. The expense was spread across the department so the cost of recovery in-house was not determined, but estimated at $100 per month/location. (approx. 147 X $100 = $14,700 /mo.)

3. At the Headquarters, where the bulk of the NSF checks were received, a small accounting staff was saddled with the responsibility of collecting the NSF checks for the Company. Most of the staff also maintained their other accounting responsibilities. Conservatively, the Company utilized the equivalent of about one person per month to do the recovery with about a 75% collection rate after making telephone calls to get commitments to pay or other forms of payment, such as credit cards. The conservative cost allocated for a person to collect per month was $4,000. Approximately $48,000 per year. Additionally, due to the high average check amount, credit card charges for the “other form of payment” averaged about $9.00 per payment. Credit card charges exceeded $1000.00 per month. Approximately $12,000 annually.

Cost Item Monthly Annually
Summary of cost: Bank fees $2,000 $24,000
Staffing costs $4,000 $48,000
Excess Credit Card charges $1,000 $12,000
Location collection costs $14,700 $176,400

Total in-house costs to collect: $21,700 $260,400

Corrective action:

One distribution center in Columbus, Ohio signed on with SWORDePay Services in 2005 that proved to be the answer for the center and its 17 associated locations.

The Company did exactly what it said it would do; recovering a high percentage of NSF checks (averaging over 90%)and electronically depositing 100% of the face amount of every collected check into the associated Bank account.

The SWORDePay’s electronic reporting system provides daily itemized reports on receipt of NSF checks and deposits on the recovery of checks. The 24/7 ultra secure website keeps all data received from the start of the program on file for immediate retrieval. All information can be sorted, reported, downloaded and printed in multiple formats.

Customer Service by SWORDePay’s Clearing House Technology is held to the highest standards. Customer Service calls are satisfied on the first call.

Requirements by Client:

Top Five Bottling Distributor: To follow the NACHA rules of check acceptance and recovery for the industry. Make notification of recovery process viewable by all Customers. This was done by placing notification language on invoices and/or in the Terms and Conditions of sale, explaining how NSF checks will be electronically collected, and advising that a fee, as allowed by law, will be charged for the collection service. After completing the application for service, Client advised each Bank to send all NSF checks to the new SWORDePay Services after the first failed deposit, saving NSF Bank fees.

Performance and result of new recovery process:

Columbus results were found to average over 90% recovery on all NSF items. After reviewing results over a period of three months, the Corporate Headquarters chose to spread the service across all distributor locations Nationwide. Results have been the same nationwide. (Averaging over 90% collection rate) Estimated in-house collection costs were reduced over $150,000 over a full year. With the increase in collection, cash flow increased significantly, making the total savings and additional cash flow over $250,000 annually.

Company utilizes the SWORDePay secure website reporting system to update its accounting system daily and has confirmed that everything that was presented to SWORDePay is being delivered as promised in its recovery agreement

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