Rent To Own

Deposit & GO InstaDebit® Supports Retail Efficiencies & Promotes A Professional Environment

  • Reduces Extra Staffing & Confusion on Payday
  • Reduces Payment Processing Delays Thru Multiple Devices
  • Automated EFT Payments from a Bank Account
  • Reducing Long Lines & Wait Times
  • Removing Customer Clutter from Shopping & Display Areas<
    Allowing New Customers to Shop Without Interference
  • Eliminates Predatory Check Cashers
  • Removes Cash & Cash Handling Issues
  • Reduces/Eliminates Criminal Element
  • Reduces Security Requirements
  • Eliminates Costly Armored Card Services
  • Meets & Exceeds New FinCEN Regulations
  • Satisfies Know Your Customer (KYC) Rules
  • Eliminates Fraudulent Loan Applications
  • Eliminates Paperwork
  • Eliminates Fraudulent ID
  • Eliminates Fraudulent Checks
  • Eliminates Third Party Checks
  • Promotes & Builds Customer Loyalty
ALL of the Above Increasing Sales & Bottom Line Profits
  1. WIN for the Retail Operation
  2. WIN for the Customer
  3. WIN for the Community